Fire Sprinkler Servicing Leeds

Leading independent fire protection contractor, Armstrong Priestley, offers a variety of servicing plans for automatic fire sprinklers in Leeds and across the UK.

Armstrong Priestley specialises in the design, installation and servicing of fire sprinkler systems in every public and private sector.

Throughout our 45 year history, we have undertaken all kinds of bespoke projects, from air hangers and automatic distribution centres to care homes and schools.

Our experience in every part of the fire sprinkler supply chain means that we are uniquely qualified to service sprinkler systems, even if they are not one of our third party certified designs.

If you have fire sprinklers that need servicing, please give our Leeds head office a call on 0113 394 4040 or contact us online for more information.

Leeds Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Servicing your fire sprinklers is as important to fire safety as installing them in your Leeds facility in the first place.

This is why Armstrong Priestley includes servicing as an essential component in our end-to-end service package. We want to ensure that your fire sprinklers remain fully operational for a long time to come.

Regular servicing increases the life span of your fire sprinklers, decreasing long-term costs, reducing the risk of a fire breaking out, and avoiding any sprinklers accidentally discharging.

Four sprinklers or less can put out 60% of all fires, but a fully functioning sprinkler system will extinguish or control 99% of all fires.

Armstrong Priestley tailors fire sprinkler service plans to the requirements of the site and the system, whether we installed your fire sprinklers or not.

The range of plans that we offer in the Leeds area include:

  • Weekly testing
  • Monthly testing
  • Quarterly interim service
  • Half yearly minor service
  • Annual major service
  • Tank inspections
  • Hydrant testing

If you get in contact, we can discuss the plan that best suits your business, your building, or your circumstances.

Comprehensive Service at Armstrong Priestley Leeds:

Armstrong Priestley provides an end-to-end, in-house service, meaning that we personally see your fire sprinklers through from conception to post-installation maintenance.

  • Fire Sprinkler Fabrication – Our fire sprinklers are manufactured at our Leeds fabrication facility, allowing us to quality check our products, store stock, make custom parts and meet our clients’ deadlines
  • Fire Sprinkler Installation – Armstrong Priestley technicians are trained to install our custom-made fire sprinklers in the buildings they are intended for, no matter the type or age of the site
  • Fire sprinkler Design –  The Leeds Armstrong Priestley design team are LPC and Firas certified, and have a vast portfolio of past projects to draw inspiration from, applying past experience to new projects

Public and Private Sectors:

Leeds Industrial Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Fire sprinkler servicing for the Leeds Industrial and Logistics Sector covers buildings such as warehouses, distribution centres, automated storage facilities and mezzanine extensions. Armstrong Priestley services both new-build and retro-fit systems. Tank inspections may also be needed if a pump and water tank were fitted when the fire sprinklers were installed.

Leeds Commercial Fire Sprinkler Servicing

In the Commercial and Manufacturing Sector, we can service any building type, including office blocks, hotels, fire stations, production facilities and food production facilities. Again, regular tank inspections may be required depending on the type of sprinkler system installed.

Leeds Retail Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Fire sprinkler servicing is all the more essential in environments that receive a lot of footfall, such as in the Retail Sector. Leeds’ Trinity Shopping Centre and White Rose Centre are both included in our portfolio of projects, but we also service independent stores. Armstrong Priestley service plans will take into account the need to keep business running, while keeping staff and customers safe.

Leeds Residential Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Service plans in the Residential Sector can vary widely due to the great variety of building types and the range of sprinkler systems installed in them. Armstrong Priestley has serviced fire sprinklers in family homes, high rise apartment blocks, student accommodation, care homes, sheltered housing, and much more.

Leeds Education Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Fire sprinkler servicing in schools, academies and universities involves a fine balancing act between practicing fire drills and avoiding the disruption of lesson time. Maintaining fire safety in the Education Sector is vital, especially considering rising cases of arson. Armstrong Priestley is able to provide advice on how to make your fire safety procedures as efficient as possible.

About Armstrong Priestley in Leeds

Armstrong Priestley was incorporated in 1976, a year after Peter Armstrong and Ronnie Priestley worked together for the first time to install sprinklers in a Huddersfield shop. The company grew steadily from a single room in Leeds to four branches in Maidstone, South Shields, Manchester and our head office in Leeds.

Our current Leeds head office was established in 2006 at:

Seventy Seven
Holbeck Lane
West Yorkshire
LS11 9UL

Call 0113 394 4040, or email our Leeds team on to enquire about fire sprinkler servicing.


Leeds Facts

Leeds developed from a small manorial borough in the 13th century to a major wool manufacturer and centre of trade through the 17th and 18th centuries. The Industrial Revolution saw foundries, engineering works, printing presses and other industries thriving in Leeds, allowing it to grow into the largest city in West Yorkshire.

Leeds is the nucleus of the City of Leeds Metropolitan Borough and was chosen to house the UK’s official collection of historical arms and armour, which can be found in Leeds’ Royal Armouries Museum. There are many places worth visiting in the city, including Victoria Gate shopping centre, Leeds Corn Exchange and Leeds’ Grand Theatre.

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