Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

We provide fire sprinkler systems for the commercial and manufacturing sector. We have a large number of projects under our belt which you can learn more about below.

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Commercial Building  Sprinkler Systems

The commercial sprinkler system sector covers facilities such as Office Blocks, Hotels, Fire Stations and Production Facilities for both food and non-food related industries. We also help with new and retro-fit projects where either clients’ needs have changed or new clients have taken over an existing building and require commercial sprinkler coverage.

Typical commercial fire protection projects which we have undertaken range from simple commercial office fit-outs to complex retro-fit systems to food factories and every possible variance in between. In the majority of cases full pumped water supplies are required but in some instances, particularly when dealing with OH1 risk levels, a town’s main solution has also been undertaken.

By way of example of the varying types of projects that AP have undertaken over the years we would highlight the following:

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