Fire Sprinkler Installation Newcastle

Armstrong Priestley offers an installation service for fire sprinklers in Newcastle. We are one of the UK’s leading fire protection firms, specialising in bespoke fire sprinkler systems. We run a start-to-finish service that encompasses all aspects of fire sprinkler design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Armstrong Priestley has been active in the industry since 1975 and has fitted fire sprinklers to all kinds of building imaginable. Since we work in all sectors – commercial, industrial, residential, retail and education – we have a wealth of experience under our belt that we can bring to new projects.

Installing fire sprinklers can have many benefits for building design and modification. Fire sprinklers reduce the need for cumbersome fire doors and can achieve planning consent for open-plan spaces.

Our personalised fire sprinkler service applies to retro-fit projects as well as new builds. We can install any fire sprinkler system, in any Newcastle building, to your specific requirements.

Please contact our North East team on 0191 206 9085, or via email –

Newcastle Fire Sprinkler Installation

Whether you have sourced your fire sprinklers from us or another fire protection firm in Newcastle, Armstrong Priestley can install them for you.

We are able to fit systems to buildings that have never had sprinklers installed. We can also overhaul old sprinkler systems and replace them with a modern alternative.

Our installation technicians are fully briefed by our design and fabrication departments. This allows the Armstrong Priestley team to work as a cohesive unit to install your custom-made fire sprinklers without a hitch.

With thousands of past projects as an example, our installation team not only has the skills to install sprinklers in a variety of building types, but the experience as well.

Armstrong Priestley technicians are adaptable and able to meet deadlines, even when unforeseen challenges crop up.

Other Services Available in Newcastle

  • Fire Sprinkler Design –  We have a dedicated Newcastle design team, which is Firas and LPC accredited to design system types for all possible applications
  • Fire Sprinkler Fabrication – Our Newcastle office is supplied with tailor-made parts from our Leeds in-house fabrication facility, providing us with an immediate supply of quality materials
  • Fire sprinkler Servicing – Maintenance is an important part of fire-sprinkler operation; Armstrong Priestley offers a choice of fire sprinkler service plans to suit you

Newcastle Fire Sprinkler Sectors:

Installation of Industrial Fire Sprinklers, Newcastle

Most of the buildings that we install fire sprinklers in within the industrial and logistics sector are warehouses. We have outfitted anything from advanced distribution centres to simple storage extensions. No matter the scale and technology of the building, most facilities in this sector require a pump and water tank.

Installation of Commercial Fire Sprinklers, Newcastle

The commercial and manufacturing sector in Newcastle comprises buildings such as office blocks, hotels, fire stations and both food and non-food related production facilities. If the project is an OH1 risk level we may need to use the town mains water to supply the fire sprinklers installed.

Installation of Retail Fire Sprinklers, Newcastle

Armstrong Priestley installed the fire sprinklers inside Monument Mall, Newcastle. We have outfitted many shopping centres across the country, as well as single shop units. Installation can be carried out in record time by our trained technicians to ensure that you do not miss out on business.

Installation of Residential Fire Sprinklers, Newcastle

Armstrong Priestley’s Newcastle residential department can assist you in identifying the right type of fire sprinkler for your building. We can install fire sprinklers in any type of residential property, from houses and single apartments, to apartment complexes, care homes and sheltered housing.

Education Fire Sprinkler Installation, Newcastle

We have been installing fire sprinklers in the Newcastle education sector for over 20 years. In this time, cases of arson have risen and the installation of fire safety in schools and colleges has grown more important than ever. The Armstrong Priestley installation process is quick and non-invasive, protecting your building from fire, without disrupting lessons. Our portfolio in this sector includes schools, colleges, academies and universities, as well as a range of other municipal buildings.

Armstrong Priestley’s History in Newcastle

Armstrong Priestley was established by Peter Armstrong and Ronnie Priestley in 1975 from a single room in a Leeds’ shop. The business has since expanded to encompass four main offices across the UK. Our Newcastle location forms our North East Office. It was set up in 2016 and relocated to its current South Shields’ site in 2019.


Armstrong Priestley’s Newcastle premises can be found at:


One Trinity Green
Eldon Street
South Shields
NE33 1SA


To contact our North East Office about fire sprinkler installation, call 0191 206 9085, or email us at today.


Facts About Newcastle

Located 8.5 miles from the North Sea, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a metropolitan borough in North East England. 

The city of Newcastle began as the Roman fort Pons Aelius, located in a defensive position over the River Tyne, on the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall.

In 1080, William the Conqueror’s eldest son, Robert Curthose, built a wooden motte and bailey castle on the site of the old fort. It is from this that Newcastle derives its name.

Today, Newcastle’s Gateshead Quayside draws many visitors for its vista of innovative bridges: Tyne Bridge, Robert Stephenson’s High Level Bridge, the Swing Bridge and the tilting Millennium Bridge.

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