Fire Sprinkler Installation Leeds

Armstrong Priestley offers fire sprinkler installation services in and around Leeds, and UK-wide. With over 45 years in the fire protection industry, we have built ourselves a stellar reputation for the quality of our personalised service.

Installing fire sprinklers can have many benefits for building design or modification, reducing the need for fire doors and passing planning consent for more open spaces.

We have installed fire sprinklers in every type of building imaginable, in all sectors of society. No project is too big or too small.

Our portfolio extends to air hangers, sheltered housing, food factories and schools. We can install fire sprinklers in brand new buildings or strip and replace systems in need of an overhaul. We can even retro-fit fire sprinklers if a building has never had fire safety installed in the past.

We install the third-party certified fire sprinklers that we design and engineer, but our services are still available if you have already purchased a system from elsewhere.

Please get in touch with our Leeds head office on 0113 394 4040 or contact us online for more information on fire sprinkler installation.

Fire Sprinkler Installation in Leeds

Our installation team have years of experience working on Leeds buildings and can review our thousands of past projects to come up with solutions for particularly difficult installations.

Our technicians are trained to be adaptable in the face of unforeseen circumstances when fitting fire sprinklers on-site so that timescales are maintained.

Our site teams have a cross selection of skills and technical expertise and are thoroughly briefed on each project before they undertake installation. They will know your building inside out before they even step foot in it, allowing for the efficient installation of your sprinkler system.

Armstrong Priestley offers an end-to-end service that includes the design, fabrication, installation and servicing of fire sprinklers. All of the work that goes into the production of our custom made fire sprinkler systems is performed in-house in Leeds, allowing us to give you the best service possible.

For more information on our additional services, please see below:

  • Fire Sprinkler Design –  our Leeds design department are fully Firas and LPC accredited and can design system types for all possible applications
  • Fire Sprinkler Fabrication – our in-house fabrication facility in Leeds enables us to quality check our materials and have an immediate supply of parts
  • Fire Sprinkler Servicing – clients can choose between a number of Armstrong Priestley fire sprinkler service plans to ensure  the continued operational efficiency of their installed sprinklers

Installation of Industrial Fire Sprinklers, Leeds 

In the industrial and logistics sector, most buildings that we work on require the installation of a pump and water tank. The most common installation projects in this sector are warehouses and storage facilities, though we have worked on some advanced automated facilities and even grade 1 listed historical buildings, such as Quarry Bank Mill.

Installation of Commercial Fire Sprinklers, Leeds 

Armstrong Priestley has installed fire sprinklers for the Leeds commercial and manufacturing sector in buildings such as office blocks, hotels, fire stations and production facilities. Installation occasionally requires a town mains water solution if the site is an OH1 risk level.

Installation of Retail Fire Sprinklers, Leeds 

The retail sector involves the installation of fire sprinklers in single shop units, department stores and entire shopping complexes. We work with specialist shop-fitters to install sprinkler systems that reduce the need for fire safety doors, opening up the space and allowing a pleasant shopping experience. Some of our top Leeds installations include Trinity Shopping Centre and White Rose Centre.

Installation of Residential Fire Sprinklers, Leeds 

Armstrong Priestley provides private residential installation services that encompass detached and semi-detached houses, single apartments, apartment complexes, care homes, sheltered housing, student accommodation and anything else that won’t fit on this list. Installation can take place as a retro-fit process or at the point of construction.

Fire Sprinkler Installation in the Education Sector, Leeds 

Our installation work in the educational sector has helped to prevent cases of arson since the year 2000. Armstrong Priestley has installed fire sprinklers in primary schools, colleges, academies, universities and huge high schools, as well as a range of other municipal buildings.

A Bit About Armstrong Priestley, Leeds

In 1975, Peter Armstrong and Ronnie Priestley worked together to install a fire sprinkler system in a Huddersfield shop. The duo quickly noticed the demand for their services and saw an opportunity to improve fire safety in buildings. A year later, Armstrong Priestley was incorporated from a single room in a shop in Leeds. After several relocations as the company grew, the current Leeds head office was established in 2006. Today, Armstrong Priestley operates with over 100 operatives on a weekly basis across the whole of the UK.


Our Leeds head office is located at:


Seventy Seven

Holbeck Lane
West Yorkshire
LS11 9UL


Call 0113 394 4040, or email to enquire now.


About Leeds

Leeds is a city with a successful industrial background. It started as a small manorial borough and grew into the largest city in West Yorkshire. It is now the centre of the City of Leeds Metropolitan Borough.

Wool production in Leeds boomed in the 17th and 18th centuries until it became a major trade centre. As the Industrial Revolution picked up speed, Leeds industry began to expand into other areas, with iron foundries, engineering works and printing presses popping up left, right and centre.

Visitors of Leeds today can see the remains of the wealth and industry of the past. The Victoria Gate shopping centre and Leeds Corn Exchange offer fine examples of domed Victorian roofs, while Leeds’ Grand Theatre is so grand it was selected as the home of the only national opera company located outside of London. As a place of culture and history, Leeds was chosen to house the UK’s official collection of historical arms and armour in the specially built Royal Armouries Museum.

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