Leading Provider of Sprinkler Maintenance Manchester

Armstrong Priestley offers sprinkler maintenance in Manchester for every type of property, whether commercial or residential.

However good your sprinkler system may be, regular servicing and maintenance are still essential to ensure that it will perform efficiently when you need it the most.

We are a UK market leader in fire protection equipment, with five decades of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems.

We provide first-class servicing and sprinkler maintenance plans for clients in Manchester whether or not Armstrong Priestley installed the sprinkler system.

To enquire, please get in touch online or phone our Manchester office on 0161 974 3800.


Why is a regular sprinkler system maintenance and service plan so important in Manchester?

Regular maintenance and testing of your fire sprinklers will extend their life and may save yours.

If one of your sprinklers failed to work, it might be possible to extinguish the fire but it would certainly take longer and more damage would be done before the fire brigade arrive.

A fully functioning sprinkler system can keep 99% of fires under control.

Well-maintained sprinklers are less likely to discharge accidentally, possibly causing unnecessary damage to your property.

Manchester sprinkler maintenance plans

The following comprehensive service and maintenance plans are provided by our Manchester office:

Weekly testing

Monthly testing

Quarterly interim service

Half-yearly minor testing

Annual major service

Tank inspections

Hydrant testing

Sectors served by Armstrong Priestley fire sprinkler maintenance in Manchester


Industrial sector Manchester

We service fire sprinkler systems in warehouses, logistics and distribution hubs and storage facilities.

Retail Sector Manchester

Our customers include large shopping centres and smaller independent retail outlets. We ensure that the checking of sprinkler systems disrupts your business and customers as little as possible.

Residential Sector Manchester

This sector encompasses large premises like nursing homes, student accommodation blocks and smaller buildings including family homes.

Commercial Sector Manchester

We service sprinkler systems for every type of commercial premises including office blocks, hotels and food production facilities. We also number fire stations among our clients.

Education sector Manchester

Efficient fire protection is essential in places of education like schools and university buildings.

Unfortunately, premises in this sector are sometimes affected by arson and fire protection must be in place to protect human life, property and equipment.

Armstrong Priestley has been involved with education sector clients for over 20 years, and we understand the need to cause as little disruption to academic life as possible. Our service can be customised to minimise the need for time-wasting fire alarm testing.

Our Manchester team is always happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best level of maintenance for your sprinkler system.


Why choose Armstrong Priestley for your sprinkler system maintenance in Manchester?

We are one of the UK’s leading fire protection specialists. We design, fabricate and install sprinkler systems for clients of all sizes all over the UK and our Manchester office is fully accredited to all British standards. Whatever the size of your project we can offer the correct maintenance plan for all Manchester clients.

Armstrong Priestley Manchester Office

You can find our Manchester office at the address below: 

Suite 7
Wilsons Park
Monsall Rd
Greater, Manchester M40 8WN


Business Opening Hours


Monday               8am-5pm

Tuesday               8am-5pm

Wednesday        8am-5pm

Thursday             8am-5pm

Friday                    8am-5pm

Saturday              Closed

Sunday                 Closed


Contact Details 

Phone 0161 974 3800, or email manchester@armstrongpriestley.com to speak to our Manchester team.

Directions to our Manchester Office

From Manchester Piccadilly Station the journey to Wilson’s Park Business Centre is 14 minutes by car.

Head south-east on London Rd/A6 towards Fairfield St. Turn left onto Travis St and continue along Adair St. Turn left onto Great Ancoats St and cross the Ashton Canal before turning right onto Old Mill St. Take a left turning at Butler St and follow until you reach Oldham Rd/A62. Stay on Oldham Rd until you come across a left turning onto Monsall Rd, not far past the building material suppliers Jewson Manchester Central, but before Holiday Inn Central Park. Wilson House, where our office is situated, can be found on the same block as Over The Rainbow Day Care.

The M56, M61, M66 and M67 motorways lead into Manchester from elsewhere in the country. If travelling by car, head for the M60 ring road before finding a route into Manchester proper. Find your way to Oldham Rd/A62 and follow until the Monsall Rd turning.

About Manchester

 Manchester developed into one of the UK’s largest and most prosperous cities in the nineteenth century as a centre of the newly industrialised cotton trade. The Manchester Ship Canal opened in 1894, connecting Manchester to the Irish Sea and allowing products to be sent all over the world from the city.

As the cotton industry began to decline in the mid to late twentieth century so did the city’s fortunes with the manufacturing areas becoming industrial wastelands. In the later years of the century, Manchester began to reinvent itself as a cultural and business centre.

The city is probably most famous for its football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. It is also a centre of higher education being home to Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester owner of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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