Sprinkler Maintenance in Leeds

Armstrong Priestley is a leading provider of fire sprinkler maintenance in Leeds.

We are a proud Yorkshire company with our roots in Yeadon, Leeds, where Peter Armstrong and Ronnie Priestley set up the business in 1975. 

Nearly fifty years later, Armstrong Priestley has grown into a market-leading fire protection company offering bespoke design, installation and maintenance of sprinklers to customers large and small across the UK.

Even with premium quality fire protection systems, sprinkler maintenance is crucial to protect lives and property from fire.

Our Leeds team has the expertise and experience to advise you about our sprinkler maintenance services and to help you choose the best package for your needs. 


Why choose Armstrong Priestley in Leeds for your fire sprinkler maintenance?

Since being established in Leeds in 1975, Armstrong Priestley has developed into a UK industry leader, offering a bespoke fire protection system design, installation and maintenance service nationwide.

Our Leeds office can deliver a sprinkler maintenance plan to suit your requirements and budget whether or not your system has been fitted by Armstrong Priestley.

To find out more about our services, contact us online or call our Head Office in Leeds on 0113 394 4040.

Why is sprinkler system servicing so important for Leeds businesses?

Even the best fire protection systems need regular, skilled servicing to ensure that they are working at their optimum and are ready to protect you and your property when needed.

If just one sprinkler is not working your whole sprinkler system’s capacity for controlling a fire could be compromised.

In addition, sprinklers that are regularly maintained are less likely to malfunction and set off by accident causing water damage and needless disruption.

Armstrong Priestley sprinkler servicing plans for Leeds customers

Our Leeds maintenance team services clients in the following sectors.

Industry – The Leeds team takes care of sprinklers in warehouses, distribution and logistics hubs and commercial storage facilities.

Commercial properties in Leeds – The Leeds team is experienced in working with sprinkler systems in office blocks, hotels, and food production facilities

Retail premises – We maintain and service sprinkler systems in shops and stores of all sizes in Leeds. The team understands that maintenance must be carried out with as little disruption to your customers and business as possible and design the process with your convenience in mind.

Residential properties in Leeds – The team is experienced in working in a full range of residential properties from private homes to nursing homes and blocks of flats.

Educational establishments – Schools, colleges, universities and libraries and council buildings all feature on our client list.

Scheduling your sprinkler maintenance in Leeds

The experienced Leeds team will be  able to advise you on the appropriate maintenance scheduling plan for your sprinkler systems from the following: 

Weekly testing

Monthly testing

Quarterly interim service

Half-yearly minor service

Annual major service

Tank inspections

Hydrant testing

If you are looking for first-class sprinkler maintenance in Leeds, why not contact the Armstrong Priestley team today?


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About Leeds

Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire bordering the Pennine Hills. 

For centuries, Leeds was a rich wool town, profiting from the fleeces produced by sheep in the surrounding countryside. Today it is a thriving and diverse city with two universities and growing retail, construction and digital and creative sectors.  

Leeds is a hub for the visitor economy as it is a gateway to the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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