Residential Fire Sprinklers

Residential fire sprinklers are a tried and tested way to protect lives and property from fire damage.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of residential sprinkler systems with over 40 years in the business. Our wide experience in fire protection encompasses work for clients as diverse as private homeowners and student residences or care homes.

The team is always ready to talk to new clients and give great advice about the benefits of sprinkler installation in residential and domestic properties.


Why choose Armstrong Priestley for your fire sprinklers?

Armstrong Priestley offers a full spectrum service, designing, fabricating, installing and servicing residential fire sprinklers. This means that we can offer you a bespoke fire sprinkler system that will meet the specific requirements of your building whatever its size.

All our sprinkler systems comply with building control legislation.


Why choose sprinkler systems for residential properties?

When human life is at risk in residential buildings, it is essential that fire sprinkler systems start immediately, suppressing flames and controlling the fire.

Fire sprinklers are a tried and tested method of fire suppression and are used worldwide to save lives and protect property.

Our automatic sprinkler systems are heat-activated and will begin to suppress the flames before the fire service arrives.

Does my residential property require fire sprinkler installation?

Fire safety is a legal requirement in care homes, student accommodation and other properties with multiple residents.

In addition, the conversion of a commercial building to residential use may require fire sprinkler installations.

Armstrong Priestley fire protection systems are all installed following building regulations and required standards including but not limited to BS9251, EN16925 or watermist in accordance with BS8458/BS8489.

Do I need a domestic fire sprinkler system in my home?

We often install domestic fire sprinklers for clients who have made alterations to their homes.

Homeowners may feel the need for more fire protection when they have converted an unused attic space into a bedroom or living space.

The creation of large, open-plan kitchens and living areas can also make clients consider the benefits of installing domestic sprinkler systems.

Which sort of automatic sprinklers are best for domestic and residential fire systems?

A variety of chemicals and aerosol foams can be used to suppress flames but most domestic and residential sprinkler systems use mist systems.

Fire sprinklers are activated when they detect heat. The sprinkler heads in watermist systems produce highly pressurised water droplets. These create a water vapour that cools the environment and suppresses flames.


Fire sprinkler system design and fabrication

We oversee the entire design and production of your sprinkler system so you can be confident quality is assured throughout the entire process.

The designers in our in-house design department are experienced in producing bespoke designs for all sizes of projects and budgets. Our design team members are fully accredited with both LPC and FIRAS and produce designs that are fully compliant with building regulations.

We also manufacture your sprinkler system at our own fabrication facility in Leeds. We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles that take our sprinkler systems wherever they are required in the UK.

Does Armstrong Priestley install fire sprinkler systems?

Sprinkler installation is also one of the services we offer to our clients.

Our fire sprinkler installers have years of experience and will ensure that your automatic sprinklers are installed correctly to protect life and property effectively.

When they install sprinklers, the installation team liaises closely with the design team to ensure that the sprinklers are fitted to the correct specifications and that they comply with British Standard requirements.

Fire sprinkler service and maintenance

It is important that you maintain your residential fire sprinkler system regularly to make sure that it will work effectively and protect your family or residents. Keeping your sprinklers in good condition will also ensure that they don’t malfunction and activate in the absence of fire, causing water damage unnecessarily.

We offer a range of service and maintenance plans to cause as little disruption as possible to your daily routine.

Why choose Armstrong Priestley for your fire sprinkler system?

Armstrong Priestley serves clients across the UK with teams based in offices in Leeds, Manchester, South Shields and Kent.

You can call the office in your region or contact us online here.

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