Yorkshire Warehouse (E3)

1 million square feet of warehousing and logistic space covering 48.85 acre.

Project Overview

Design, installation and commissioning of a fully automatic sprinkler system to LPC and FM rules.

Automatic sprinkler system
Retail & logistics

What we did

Design and installation of a fully automatic sprinkler system with 48 separate wet installations. Including roof, fully automated racking, 5 levels of mezzanine, offices, canopies, conveyor and chute protection plus a link bridge with an interlinking feed main to an existing project. backed up by three half duty pumps rated at 8000 L/MIN @8.0 bar drawing water from two 1.4 million litre capacity tanks with the ability at the push of a button to activate and use the fire pumps and tanks from the existing project through an electrically actuated valve. to date an impressive 96,151 sprinkler heads have been installed with 62,578 of those in racking alone. Hazard classes include:

  • Ordinary hazard 1
  • Ordinary hazard 3
  • High hazard 3
  • Storage OSR

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