Gas Fire Suppression System

A gas fire suppression system could be the right choice for your commercial and industrial premises.

Inert gas systems extinguish fires without using water mist, which can damage some assets, including electronic equipment.

Armstrong Priestley has decades of experience designing, fabricating, installing and servicing all types of fire safety systems for commercial use, and many of our clients choose gas suppression systems.



What sort of environments need gas suppression systems?

Our commercial and industrial clients need a fire suppression agent that won’t cause water damage to their valuable assets and machinery while extinguishing fires.

Chemical agents and inert gas fire suppression are particularly useful in protected spaces at risk from electrical fires, such as server rooms and data centres.

Gas suppression systems work in two ways. Some reduce the oxygen level, which suppresses the flames. Others work by absorbing heat rather than oxygen.

Armstrong Priestley gas fire suppression systems

We are a leading provider of bespoke sprinkler design, fabrication, and installation nationwide. We provide a variety of gas suppression systems, including those that use common gases like carbon dioxide, inergen halon, and other chemical agents, tailored to meet the specific needs of your premises.

At Armstrong Priestley, we take pride in offering gaseous fire-control agents that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Our systems do not damage the ozone layer or contribute to global warming.

Most are safe to use in occupied premises as they leave enough oxygen to breathe in protected areas.

We have extensive experience in supplying gas suppression systems, and your local team will be able to advise on all aspects of the design and fitting of your system.

As part of our comprehensive service, our team can also fit the fire detection system required to activate the gas cylinders. We will conduct a room integrity test to ensure the protected area is suitable for this type of fire protection, providing you with a complete and safe fire suppression solution.

Inert gas fire suppression systems

Inert gases, which are colourless and odourless, are a safe and effective choice for fire suppression. They leave sufficient oxygen for breathing and can be used in occupied spaces. The dispersal of our inert gases does not affect visibility, ensuring that the premises can be evacuated safely and quickly in the event of a fire.

The gaseous compounds used in our sprinkler systems for extinguishing fires do not cause ozone depletion.

Chemical gas fire suppression systems

Chemical gas fire systems are the first choice for many of our clients because this type of gas suppression needs fewer sprinkler heads to be fitted while still delivering excellent fire protection. Additionally, no residue is left behind after the sprinkler heads are activated, so little time is wasted cleaning up, making it a highly efficient and low-maintenance fire suppression solution.

No residue is left behind after the sprinkler heads are activated, so little time is wasted cleaning up.

The gases used are odourless and colourless and suitable for inhabited areas.

Carbon dioxide for fire suppression

The main advantage of using carbon dioxide to extinguish fires is that the gas floods protected areas quickly, suppressing the flames in minutes. This speedy action makes this type of gas suppression system particularly helpful in ‘hot’ areas at high fire risk, like printing presses and other machinery. However, it’s important to note that carbon dioxide is not suitable for use in occupied areas due to its potential health risks.

Carbon dioxide is an ideal fire suppression agent for server rooms where water-based agents could cause severe damage. However, sprinklers that discharge carbon dioxide are not suitable for occupied areas.


Gaseous fire suppression systems maintenance and service

Regular maintenance is essential for every type of fire suppression system.

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your gas fire suppression system is our top priority. We offer a range of comprehensive servicing and maintenance packages that will keep your system in excellent condition, providing you with the peace of mind that you are fully protected if a fire breaks out.

You can read more about our range of fire sprinkler service plans here.

Why choose Armstrong Priestley for a gas suppression system

We are one of the UK’s leading fire protection providers with a reputation for the excellence of our products and customer service.

The business started in Leeds in the 1970s, and we now have regional offices in Leeds, Manchester, South Shields, and Kent.

You can call the office in your region or fill out our online form here.

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