Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Armstrong Priestley has nearly half a century of experience in fire sprinkler system installation.

Over the years, we have become one of the UK leaders in the fire protection industry, developing a reputation for the highest quality standards combined with great customer service.

Armstrong Priestley offers bespoke fire sprinkler systems to clients in the domestic and commercial markets, working with projects of all sizes and budgets.

Whether you are planning a new build and need a total fire sprinkler system installation or you want to add fire sprinkler heads to an existing sprinkler system, Armstrong Priestley can help.

Speak to our friendly sales team today for great advice on fire sprinkler installation and to find out more out more about our services.

Why choose Armstrong Priestley to install your sprinkler system?

We are experienced in the installation of all types of fire sprinkler systems.

However, Armstrong Priestley also offers a fully comprehensive service which includes the design, manufacture and installation of fire sprinkler systems.

Our bespoke sprinkler systems are designed to address your specific requirements and comply with BS9251:2021 in both design and installation.

Our client portfolio includes domestic and other residential properties, including high-rise buildings. We fit fire sprinkler systems for the business and commercial sectors and are used to working on complex projects like shopping centres.

You can be completely confident that a fire sprinkler system installed by one of our experienced teams will protect you and your property.

How will my fire sprinklers be activated after installation?

Pressurised water is contained in pipes that are installed throughout your building. Sprinkler heads are placed at strategic points, each containing a glass bulb of a heat-sensitive liquid which blocks the water flow. When the liquid detects an increase in temperature, it expands, bursting the glass casing and allowing water to burst through the sprinkler head.

Will my fire sprinkler heads be triggered by smoke?

Once you have had your fire sprinkler system installed by Armstrong Priestley, you don’t need to worry about the sprinkler heads being set off if bread gets stuck in your toaster. The fire sprinkler heads installed by our teams are only sensitive to temperature increases.

Our commercial and residential fire sprinklers offer you confidence that life and property is protected without any concerns about accidental activation.

Are fire safety sprinkler systems installed with mains connection?

We offer the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems that are bespoke to every client’s needs.

You will need a water supply, but if a mains-fed system is inappropriate due to poor water supply or low pressure, we can incorporate water storage systems or dry pipe systems.

Will the installation of sprinkler heads ruin the decor of my home?

Clients looking for residential fire sprinklers are often concerned about the visual impact of sprinkler installation. Pipes running around your walls may not be considered aesthetically pleasing, but there are ways to conceal the pipes.

In a new build, it may be possible to embed the pipes in the walls or in other cases, the pipes and sprinkler heads can be boxed in and painted over.

How many fire sprinkler heads will need to be installed?

Our experienced team will be able to assess how many sprinkler heads will be required in your property.

The final number will depend on the size of the space but also on the way that is being used. For example, spaces with more potential fire sources, like the kitchen, may require more protection than bedrooms or living spaces.

Ongoing service and maintenance

Our services don’t end with fire sprinkler systems installation.

Many Armstrong Priestley clients take advantage of our sprinkler system servicing to ensure that their fire sprinkler system is always in great condition and to extend its life.

Next steps

Why not contact us to arrange an appointment? We like to work closely with our clients to ensure that individual requirements are met. After a thorough discussion and an assessment of your home, premises or building plans, we will be able to give you an accurate quotation.

How to contact Armstrong Priestley for your fire sprinkler system

Armstrong Priestley was first established in West Yorkshire, but we now serve clients across the UK with teams based in offices in Leeds, Manchester, South Shields and Kent.

You can call the office in your region or contact us online here.

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