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Armstrong Priestley is one of the UK’s foremost fire sprinkler suppliers. Our reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of bespoke automatic sprinklers attracts clients with both business premises and residential buildings to protect. Our highly trained team of technicians install fire sprinkler systems across the UK.

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Great reasons to choose a sprinkler system for your fire protection

Fire sprinkler systems are widely used in both commercial and residential properties worldwide.

These types of fire suppression systems are proven to save lives and protect property in the event of fire. The activation of the sprinkler system will suppress flames, giving time for evacuation of the building and for the fire brigade to arrive.

Armstrong Priestley: First choice for fire sprinkler systems

We have almost half a century of experience in supplying fire suppression systems.

The Armstrong Priestley story began in Leeds in the 1970s in a workshop where we designed and manufactured automatic sprinklers. Since those early beginnings, we have grown to offer nationwide coverage from our four regional offices in West Yorkshire, South Shields, Greater Manchester and Kent.

Our project portfolio includes fire suppression systems for large commercial and industrial projects, but we are just as expert in providing residential fire sprinkler systems. These include protecting large premises with numerous occupants, like care homes, and domestic fire sprinklers for family houses.

Your Armstrong Priestley sprinkler system will address your specific requirements and will be designed and fitted to comply with BS9251:2021.

The Armstrong Priestley range of services

We supply a complete package of solutions for clients needing fire sprinklers, including design, fabrication, installation and service and maintenance.

Keeping the whole process in-house means that we can provide a high level of quality control in the manufacture and installation of our fire sprinkler systems.

Armstrong Priestley supplies fire sprinklers for every environment

Fire sprinkler systems use a variety of materials to suppress fire. Our automatic sprinkler heads can be be designed to use inert gases, chemical gases, aerosol foam, carbon dioxide or water vapour.

Your choice of fire suppressant will depend on the type of building you are protecting, whether it is occupied and the nature of your assets.

For example, many residential buildings are fitted with sprinkler systems which disperse water mist or vapour. Water is harmless to occupants but highly effective at cooling the temperature of flames across large areas.

In buildings where human safety is not a concern, our industrial clients often ask us to install sprinklers that disperse inert gas or foam. Water cannot be used in areas with high levels of electrical equipment or valuable stock that could sustain water damage.

We can advise you on the most efficient sprinkler system and fire-suppressing materials for your business or home.  

How we work with our clients to supply their sprinkler system

We work closely with our clients to provide fire sprinkler systems that suit their specific requirements.

The process is as follows.


After you contact your regional office, our team will visit your property to assess your fire protection needs and decide which type of fire sprinkler system is the most appropriate for your needs. They will consider the number and location of automatic sprinkler heads required.

Testing the water supply

Some premises require additional pumps and a tank to ensure adequate water pressure for efficient operation of the sprinklers.

Designing your sprinkler system

The design team will design a bespoke fire sprinkler system for you based on the recommendations of the assessment team. Our designers are all fully accredited with both LPC and FIRAS certifications. 

Manufacture of your sprinklers

Our fabrication workshop is in Leeds, and once manufactured, the fire sprinklers are delivered by our own delivery fleet to prevent delays.  


Our professional installation teams have the experience and expertise to install your sprinklers perfectly and with minimum disruption.

Servicing and maintenance

Our flexible servicing and maintenance packages will give you confidence that your fire sprinklers will protect you in the event of a fire.

Contact Armstrong Priestley to find out more about our fire sprinkler systems

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