Commercial Fire Systems

Fire safety is a top priority for owners of commercial premises, so ensure the safety of your staff and property with one of Armstrong Priestley’s commercial fire systems.

We work with commercial clients from all sectors to provide bespoke sprinkler systems that will suppress a fire as soon as it starts.

Whatever the nature of your business and the assets that you want to protect, Armstrong Priestley can offer a comprehensive and affordable fire safety system to suit your needs and budget.

Commercial Fire Systems

What does a commercial fire alarm system look like?

There are a variety of types of commercial fire alarm systems, and the one that is right for you will depend on a range of variables. These may include the size of your premises, the processes involved in your business and the number of staff you have in your team. Large open-plan areas and commercial premises that are involved in heat-intensive activities or the use of flammable liquids may need more complex systems.

Typically, a conventional system in a commercial building will include strategically placed smoke detectors, heat detectors and fire detectors. Some may also include manual call points and voice evacuation systems.

Wireless fire alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular with owners of commercial properties, particularly those open to the public, as they don’t require the unsightly cabling required for conventional fire alarms.

What is the difference between a commercial fire alarm system and Armstrong Priestley fire sprinkler protection?

Fire alarm systems provide early detection of a fire in your business premises and are activated by visible smoke and heat detectors. They are an early warning system and may give you time to evacuate the staff from your building and call the fire service.

However, even the most complex systems do nothing to suppress the fire. Most fatalities occur from smoke inhalation rather than the fire itself, and even flameless smoke can do severe damage to property and stock.

Early detection and suppression of flames with fire protection like an Armstrong Priestley automatic sprinkler system is vital for life and property protection. The blaze will be controlled at an early stage, even before the fire services arrive, reducing the risk of smoke inhalation and fire damage.

Automatic sprinklers are a cost-effective solution to the problem of fire protection.

How will a sprinkler system protect my property?

A bespoke automatic sprinkler system will bring a fire under control by dispersing a fire suppressant into the environment. The most commonly used fire suppressant is pressurised water or water vapour.

However, water may damage electrical equipment, valuable archive materials or textiles, so we can suggest alternatives like nitrogen gas or pressurised air.

Whatever is used, the flames will be brought under control quickly and effectively.

How are commercial fire sprinklers activated?

The most popular types of commercial fire sprinkler systems are activated by changes in temperature.

Each sprinkler head contains a heat detector in the form of a glass phial of heat-sensitive liquid, which expands when the surrounding temperature increases. The phial shatters under the pressure allowing the pressurised water, air or gas to escape at force through the sprinkler head.

Will visible smoke activate the sprinkler heads?

Armstrong Priestley sprinkler systems are not activated by smoke detectors. They only respond to changes in temperature.

Are fire alarm systems and fire sprinklers required by law in commercial buildings?

UK fire alarm regulations state that all commercial and business premises must have a means of detecting fire and providing a warning.

Fire safety legislation requires businesses of 20,000 metres square or more to have a sprinkler system installed.

Businesses employing 5 or more people or operating premises that are open to the public require a fire risk assessment which may highlight the need for automatic sprinklers.

Many of our clients find sprinkler systems give them peace of mind whether the law applies to them or not.

Fire protection solutions from Armstrong Priestley for the commercial sector

We will survey your commercial premises and then design, fabricate and install a bespoke fire protection solution for you.

Fire sprinkler system design

Our in-house design team is all LPC- and FIRAS-accredited and experienced in designing for every type of commercial building.

Fire Sprinkler Manufacture

We have a fabrication workshop at our Leeds HQ where all our sprinklers are made by a highly experienced team which liaises closely with our designers to produce the perfect bespoke sprinklers for your premises.

Commercial sprinkler system maintenance

Our highly trained technicians have in-depth knowledge of our systems, enabling them to offer unrivalled fire sprinkler installation to our customers nationwide.

Automatic sprinkler aftercare for commercial customers

We know that downtime means lost revenue, so we offer a range of maintenance service plans that will cause minimum disruption to your commercial activities.

Call the team today for a no-obligation quote.

How to contact Armstrong Priestley

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