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1. I confirm that the above information is complete and correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give my employer the right to terminate any employment contract offered.

2. Should we require further information and wish to contact your doctor with a view to obtaining a medical report, the law requires us to inform you of our intention and obtain your permission prior to contacting your doctor. I agree that the organization reserves the right to require me to undergo a medical examination. In addition, I agree that this information will be retained in my personnel file during employment and for up to six years thereafter and understand that information will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection act.

3. I agree that should I be successful in this application, I will, apply to the Criminal Records bureau/Scottish Criminal Records Office for a basic disclosure. I understand that should I fail to do so, or should the disclosure not be to the satisfaction of the company any offer of employment may be withdrawn or my employment terminated.